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Thanking GOD for all reasons

“Thank you” is one of the common phrases that people usually say many times on a daily basis. People say thank you as exchange to the good deed that someone has done to another. People also say thank you in advance even before a favor has already been granted.

On the other hand however, the act of saying thank you is being forgotten or sometimes untold intentionally.

But why people should be thankful in the first place? To begin with, humans are given a gift of life that they can spend end enjoy. People were provided with a wonderful planet to live in, where they can and enjoy the creatures there in. They are being provided with fellow human beings.

Talking about life I know for one that life is not always and always that o so wonderful and colorful there are also sometime that things become black and white and sometimes blur that you seem to be uncertain whether you would still have a brighter future that will lie ahead of you, that you are not sure if the sun will rise. We are sometimes faced by so many problems that we cannot easily find solutions to, sometimes we figure ourselves in bad situations, hard situations that seem to be inescapable that nothing we can do to make ourselves out from it. We have questions that seem to be unanswerable. The world may sometimes be very, very unfair but you we cannot do something about it, and we sometimes feel helpless and inadequate.

In times like these, who do we turn to? Some of us would turn to the closest person to whom we could cling to. It might be our family or relative or our friends. But admit it or not, sometimes their help and company is not enough to comfort us, to give us some answers and make all things good again as it was before.

In this case, let us not fret and lose hope, because there is still someone we could count on to and that is GOD.

GOD can provide us brightest future unimaginable, the bestest solution to our problems and in situations best or worst, the best company ever!

For seemingly bad and good things, I thank GOD for everything!