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Storm – no matter how bad it is, never blame GOD

July 30, 2012 at 12:45 am, i was suddenly awaken by the sound of the strong winds and heavy rainfall. At first i thought that it was already 3:30 am but no, im only asleep for a couple of hours.
I was lying on my bed, can not almost move because of the fear that i feel as i hear the sound of rain and the howling of the wind and, it was dark.

I was trying to feel and imagine how it looks outside. Moments have passed and still the storm has not subsided and so as the fear that i feel. The storm made me assess myself and introspect on the things and faults that i have done wrong. I know i am not sinless but deep inside somehow, i feel the consolation that despite of my imperfections and faults there i have GOD in my life.

With the fear in my heart, i prayed to GOD to calm the storm. Moments later, i fell asleep. Hours have passed and it’s time for me to wake up to get ready for work and i noticed that the strong wind has stopped as well as the rain fall. Ah, finally.

Outside, i saw many leaves scattered on the road the atmosphere is somehow eerie. To brush of the fear, i started singing song of praise in order for me be calm and relieved. It was effective, it never fails.

At the train station, it feels very uncomfortable the lighting is very inadequate because only few lights bulbs are lit up. I suppose that this is because they are only using power generator to supply for the electricity.

I observed the surroundings and made a mental note of the inconvenience and damages brought about by the storm. With all these, will people blame GOD for what had happened? Does GOD wants these to happen?

Oh remember the blog entry that i came across and thought, nah, It is not GOD’s fault, blame the hypocrites! here is the link to the blog –

Its Not God’s Fault; Blame the Hypocrites! by Bro. Eli Soriano


I hope you will also read it and be enlightened.

One Fateful Day

Over the years of my existence here on earth, there are so many things that already happened to my life. Some made me feel sad, frustrated, pain and some almost break me into million pieces. But on the other hand, some of the experience and events that happened to my life made me happy, beautiful, terrified and amazed.  But among all of the experience and events that I had, there is one thing, the only thing that is very remarkable, the very one thing that changed me, made me a better person. And that was the time that I came to know my creator, our GOD Almighty.

Knowing HIM made my life so beautiful and wonderful everyday. HE has shown me HIS light and gave me hope that no matter how hard my life here on earth, there is a better life that is to come and that is the eternal life with HIM in heaven. In there, there will be no sufferings, tears, sadness and fear just everlasting joy and blissful life.

As of now, since I am still on earth, sojourning, preparing for eternal life that will come GOD willing, I know I need to be patient and hopeful that even though things will sometimes be very hard, there is GOD who will help me get through all the problems and obstacles that I will encounter every single day in life.

I feel so lucky that even though I am just a worthless person in this world, HE chose me as one of the candidates to salvation to enjoy the eternal life with HIM in the heavens above.

In every thing, Thanks and glory be to GOD

I just remembered…


I just remembered when i was still a little, i dreamt of having a job, a clerical job, or perhaps somebody who works as secretary in a company.

A year before i graduated from college, i dreamt of having a job and to earn 10,000 pesos monthly.

And now that i am old and now working with GOD’s help, GOD gave me a job that is way better than a secretarial post and a monthly income that is uhm… more than i wished for.

I know i did not achieve this myself, but it is the LORD who i love dearly who gave all of these.

I know that i am unworthy to receive HIS grace and loving kindness.

To you my LORD i pay tribute, honor and thanksgiving. Thanks and glory are YOURS my LORD forever and ever.

originally posted on twitter 1.11.10

Thanks be to GOD for all the things even to those that I don’t deserve

In our life, there are things that come and happen beyond our expectations.

Death, enemies, people we love, life, new beginning, fresh start and even love.

For some reason, sometimes we just want to take full control of the situations that involve us. We tend to expect for the worst and best things that can happen, loss and gain, the disadvantage and advantage of anything may bring to us.

In life, there are lots and lots of gray areas, things which are really beyond our control and comprehension. Things that we wish we can eliminate and overcome.

Things that are hard to understand, things that are beyond our capacity to solve and determine.

Yes I am scared really, really scared and weary sometimes but what pacifies my restless mind and weary heart is the promise of GOD that I have came to understand through the teachings of the man that HE sent before us.

No matter how awful things might turn out, what ever things that may happen I know that there is SOMEBODY up above who just let everything to happen no matter how painful and hard it would be for us.

After all, everything happens for the good of those who HE dearly loves. As it is written in the bible in the book of Romans 8:28 it says;

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

With this, for 26 years of everything, I thank YOU my LORD GOD, thank You Lord Jesus for everything that YOU have given me even for the things that I don’t deserve.

Glory and thanks be to GOD