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when we fail

Failure has always been part of our lives. It causes us pain, frustration and even death. There are times in our lives that after we failed, we seem to lose hope, we seem to lose trust to others and even to ourselves. We tend to doubt, we asked questions and we seek for answers. We feel helpless and useless, we feel the need for someone to turn to, someone we believe who can be trusted and reliable to ease our burdens.  

Situations like these bring us closer to GOD. In situations like this, often times we submit ourselves to GOD, we kneel down and pray, we cry and tell GOD how awful our feelings because we have failed. We ask forgiveness and strength to carry on no matter how hard to stand up again and pick up the pieces.

Failure would not make us 100% strong after we have endured the pains and heartache it brought to us.But it is good to know that there is GOD who heals us from the pain, who comforts us when we feel the heartaches, who dust us off after we have fallen down.

GOD is the only one who entirely accepts and understands our humble beings.

No matter how many times you have already failed and no matter how many times you are going to fail, do not lose hope.As long as you are with GOD, everything is going to be alright.

P-e-c-u-l-i-a-r ones

Generally men are known for being tough, brave and strong. However, the “masculinity” or “man-ness” of the male specie is not only measured or gauged on how they present themselves to other people.

 In some cases, it is in the way they make right decisions, choosing the right principle to stand for and the way they hold on to their right faith no matter what.

 Like any other normal beings, men do sometimes cry. For the ordinary, they cry whenever they are in pain or in deep sadness and of course, they cry for many other reasons.

On the other hand however, for the peculiar ones, they cry not only because of the common, ordinary reasons but they cry because there are some special reasons that cause them to.

Peculiar ones cry while they are on their knees, praying talking to GOD earnestly, asking forgiveness, strength and help for them to be able to survive the dangers and trials that they encounter as they live. They admit to themselves that they have weaknesses and they are nothing before the eyes of GOD their creator. Sometimes they are in tears because they feel the real happiness within them while giving thanks and praises to GOD with joyful songs of praises.

Righteous men have courage to admit that they too commit mistakes, have weaknesses and are useless servants of GOD. They acknowledge the existence of the Supreme Being who is GOD who created them.


There are times in our lives when we lost things in our possession. Sometimes even the people who have been part of lives. Often times, we only realize how important they are to us, when it is already too late.  This is when we begin to have serious regrets.  This is when we blame ourselves after realizing how stupid we are. The time we start to think that we could have done better. Afterwards, we start to wish and hope that there will be second chances to make things right, to do things right, to amend what we have done wrong and ultimately, to correct the mistakes that we have done. But the reality is that, not everyone of us is lucky to have second chances in life, a chance to make things better, a chance to regain what we have lost and bring back what we have let go.

For some, people choose to learn the mistakes that they have committed then contemplate on it and then move on.  On the other hand, there are people who have given a chance to regain things that they have lost back to their hands.

Opportunities are not always present. Sometimes we need to wait for it. And most of the time we need to pray for it.  Chances and opportunities in life are like precious gems, rare and precious.

Sometimes when opportunity comes we tend to ignore it, because we tend to think that there will be, and there will always be another one that will come. Neglecting the fact that it may never ever come again. But the reality is that sometimes, it does come anymore after missing it for the first time because that first time could possibly be the last.

Life becomes sweeter when you finally have the opportunity that you have been waiting and wishing for. Such moment is golden, given by GOD who is in full control of time and our lives. It could mean that GOD has given you the opportunity to turn your back from the wicked and miserable life that you are living and to stop the bad things that you are doing. A chance to walk away from the crooked path and to start to walk on the road that GOD wants you to take and walk on it for the rest of your life.

Life here on earth is very short compare to the eternal life that is to come in the future. So, since we still have the time and opportunity given by GOD, try to live your life to the fullest in accordance to GOD’s will. Do something good that will be beneficial to you and to others.

As for my personal experience, I almost ruined my life twice. But GOD has been very good to me that HE has given me the perfect opportunity that I need when the time that I really needed it most.

When I realized that I have regain the opportunity that I asked for, what I did was I hold it with both hands and I never let it go. I hold it tight for I know that it my last opportunity. I had hope that GOD will help me use the opportunity that HE had given to me accordingly this time, for the second time, for the last time. And thanks be to GOD that HE did not fail me. If not because of HIM, I don’t know where and who I am right now.  And for that, I will be always and forever be thankful to GOD