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Bigger, Better and Broader UNTV on its 10th Year.

UNTV celebrated its 10th year anniversary with the theme – UNTV Big 10 Bigger, Better and Broader.

UNTV has successfully celebrated their 2-day celebration for their 10th year anniversary last June 25- 26 2014. The celebration was centered in caring for the elderlies and rescue summit. The event was graced by thousands and thousands of people.

On this event there were two venues, the Philiippine Trade Training Center and World Trade Center in Pasay City Manila, Philippines.

There were various public services that were rendered on the two-day event catered by both public and private organizations. Also, the announcement about the 10 more aerial drones that will be used for news and rescue operations of UNTV.

As a part of the event, the ground breaking ceremony of the new broadcast center of UNTV was held in Quezon City on June 26, 2014.

Sec. Sonny Coloma Jr, from the Presidential Communications Office of the Philippines also graced the event. On his speech according to him, UNTV is unique among all other mass media organizations.

Bro. Eli who is the Presiding Minister of the Members of the Church of GOD International also delievered his speech before the attendees. He encourages the UNTV employees from the highest to the lowest in rank to continue the good work of helping Bro. Daniel in promoting genuine public service.

On his speech Bro. Eli said, From the teachings of the LORD public service without self interest, without vested interest, public service which is eventually will be rewarded by GOD.

UNTV also revealed its secret on how they continue the public services that they give to people. According to CEO, Chairman and Vice Presiding Minister of the Members Church of GOD International, Bro. Daniel Razon “Masarap pong mabuhay ng may DIOS”.

Happy 10th year Anniversary UNTV! Cheers to the Bigger, Better and Broader UNTV! Thanks and glory to GOD!!!

UNTV Drone Technology Soars High In the Sky

UNTV is a television station who is known for catering the most number of public services in the Philippines. It is also known to have many innovations and “firsts” when it comes to charities and works for the greater good of the public regardless of race, religion and other aspects.

UNTV has now launched the use of the aerial drones that are used for reporting. This UNTV drone technology is able to capture vast coverage perspective in different places. Last year, December 2014, UNTV drone was used to explore the vast destruction that the typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) has brought to Tacloban, Leyte in the Philippines.

Daniel Razon, CEO of the UNTV station, says that UNTV was the first to use this kind of technology when in comes to reporting. Aside from this being first, is not the only aspect that they are focused on but for the rescue undertakings that the UNTV has.

Daniel Razon also shares that one of the things that they are acquiring now are the drones that can carry life buoy aside from the aerial drone that they have right now.

This is a video courtesy of UNTV station on their official Youtube channel

untv drone,untv
On this picture, Argie Purisima, one of the UNTV station cameramen, surrounded by media correspondents from other TV networks. (Photo courtesy of Mon Jocson – @ramonjocson, UNTV reporter)

Isang Araw The Movie

Another movie hit for the Director/Actor Kuya Daniel Razon on the movie, Isang Araw. Following the first showing of the movie that was last month, November 28 conducted its second that was held yesterday, December 16, in Philippine International Cultural Center (PICC).

It is a combination of comedy and action bundled into one great movie. In addition, there are lots and lots of moral that can be acquired about charity, struggles and life.

Hopefully, there would be more movies like this to be produced in the future.

More power to Kuya Daniel and the rest of the casts, crews and all the people who participated in the movie.

Thanks to GOD for the guidance and making this movie possible.

Dear Kuya, Happy 1st month Anniversary!

It has been a month since Dear Kuya was first aired last January 14, 2013 and has already gathered many listeners not only in the Philippines, but in other places such as countries from North and South America as well as the other countries in Asia.

Currently, Dear Kuya is being aired via AM radio on UNTV La Verdad Radio 1350 in the Philippines. Alternatively, the listeners can also monitor on web via http://www.untvradiolaverdad.com , being its official website.

Dear Kuya is hosted by no other than Mr. Daniel “Kuya” Razon a veteran broadcaster and Bro. Eli Soriano, an evangelist as a resource person. Unlike any other radio programs that offers free advice and consultation, the problems, issues and topics that are being discussed on Dear Kuya are being given biblical advice.

Also, there is a portion on the program that is called Dear Kuya – the drama where in the chosen letter from the listener is being dramatized by the voice talents of the students of the teachers and students of the La Verdad Christian College.

For those who wish to send in questions, greetings, stories, and signal feedbacks you can call, text or email Dear Kuya on the following contact details –

Textline: 0999-979-4777
Twitter: @DearKuya
Email: dearkuya@untvradio.com
Address: 907 EDSA, Brgy. Philam, QC

AM Radio Just Got Better

On Monday, January 14, 2013 the newest addition to the radio programs of Radio La Verdad 1350 will be aired. Dubbed as “Dear Kuya” that will be hosted by Mr. Public Service himself, Mr. Daniel Razon. The radio program will assists people in solving their problems, answering their questions about love, life and other things.

Unlike any other radio programs, the answers, explanation and resolutions will be coming from the Bible through Bro. Eli Soriano.

Dear Kuya will certainly be one of many programs that are interesting and enlightening along with the other programs like Ang Dating Daan, Biblia ang Sasagot, Itanong mo Kay Soriano and many more.

Dear Kuya will be aired at 9:00 am to 12 noon on Radio La Verdad 1350. Alternatively, you can listen to Dear Kuya via http://www.untvradio.com/, the radio station’s official website.