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O my goodness!

Usually, if i’m creating a username that i need to affix number/s on it, i always choose 37 (like amaris37, yeah, you can search it up 🙂 ).

I just realized that when i add 10 (october month of my baptism) + 26 (the day of my baptism) + 0 (year of my baptism) that would give me, drumrolls please …

37! like o, my goodness! haha!

For most people, i know this, would not make any sense to them and do not care at all, but for me I am really, really amazed!

Thanks to GOD!


Daniel’s Coffee Planner : A Peek Inside


I’m back!

Yeah, yeah i know i have been away for so long already and i’m really sorry guys.

Today is  the anniversary of, it has been 8 years thank GOD!

Anyway, i’m writing this to show you what is inside the planner of one of my favorite coffee shops that is Daniel’s Coffee, yey!

Well, you can purchase this boxed with your planner paper wrapped.

Daniel's Coffee Planner 2018

And then this page –


Followed by –


And then –

and these calendars –


Each month has its own unique image


The whole month at a glance

26793643_1656681834393196_2139612451_n (1)

And then the weekly page

There are several unique coffee trivia on its pages

The Coffee Bean Belt


The Notes section

The Contact Keeper pages


And of course, the last page



For those who are interested to buy, you may avail it at the 2 branches that they currently have one in Ang Dating Daan Coordinating Center in Apalit, Pampanga and other one is in UNTV Building in Quezon City.

Please follow them on their social media pages and accounts to be updated on their latest products and happenings.



There you have it friends, enjoy your coffee. Cheers!

26696645_1656689257725787_705167100_n Continue reading

Ang Dating Daan : 35 years. Charity. Songs of Praise. And a Guinness World Record

October 12, 2015, Quezon City, Philippines. Ang Dating Daan has celebrated its 35th year in broadcast. In line with the celebration various charity giving activities such as awarding of donations and raffle have been done to make the day special for the disabled people from different charitable organizations.

Alongside with this event, the Members Church of GOD International has earned the world record as the Largest Gospel Choir with a total of 8,688 participants.

Video courtesy of UNTV Life youtube channel

Ang Dating Daan Celebrates Its 35 Years

Ang Dating Daan 35 Years in broadcast. Truth.Charity.Praise.

Ang Dating Daan 35 Years in broadcast. Truth.Charity.Praise.

Today, Ang Dating Daan celebrates its 35 years. Ang Dating Daan is the longest running religious program on Philippine TV.

The celebration took place at the Smart Araneta Coliseum also known as the Big Dome in Quezon City.

It was graced by many guests including the disabled persons as the main guests. On this event, the main performers are consists of the disabled persons as well and the Ang Dating Daan Chorale where they sing various gospel songs to praise the LORD GOD Almighty.

The theme of the 35th celebration of Ang Dating Daan is Truth.Charity.Praise.

Thanks and glory to GOD for the 35 years and for many more years in His will.

I, as Netizen

A lot has followed me on twitter lately, most from the business sector, Christian group and even from police authority.

I am honored and humbled.

May we all continue to share sensible news, ideas, opinions thoughts and insights.

I remember Bro. Eli once said and I quote –
“Although misused, the web is a channel for God’s message”

Together, i, as one of humble contributors with GOD’s help, let us make the worldwide web more meaningful and sensible.

Many thanks for your support. Warm regards and my appreciation I give to you.

Thanks and glory to GOD

Now that you are 30

30 years. 3 decades of life and existence of your being.

On this chapter of one’s life, some people treat this as benchmark of their success where many have been done and achieved.

30, what’s in it to you? Take time to reflect and figure out how have you been all these years. Who are you at the age of 30? What are the things that you already have? What are your goals? Are you satisfied with your life as 30? Are you happy?

The answer to these questions depend on how we look at life. It depends on the perspective and standards that we have.

Regardless the differences in views and outlook in life, at the end, it is up to us to decide what we do, we think and what we choose in life and at the end, we are accountable of whatever the outcome of our decisions and actions.

Thanks and glory to the LORD for everything at this point in my life and everything that is to come in accordance to the will of GOD.

May the good LORD guide our steps and bless us with the love, we all need to keep moving forward.

There is GOD and you know it

I am saddend to know that GOD has haters. HE is being hated by the ones who do joy believe in HIM.

They said GOD does not exist. But how can you hate someone you believe do not exist?

The more you hate GOD, the more that you believe that there is GOD Almighty.

You know that, because it is what your heart and conscience tell you.

You are just ignoring it.

As of me, I am a proud believer of GOD.


Thanks and glory to GOD Almighty!