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It’s not a bird nor a plane, it’s UNTV flying drone!

Media men as we usually see them reporting from the places to places with all the lighting and camera equipments and all the necessary broadcast equipment.

Many gadgets now have been made to become more handy, accessible and easy to use.

This year, Kasangbahay network, UNTV channel 37 now utilizes flying drones in their traffic updates broadcasting.

January 16, 2014, EDSA cor. White Plains ave. Ortigas Pasig City, Philippines.  Mon Jocson, a UNTV field reporter while reporting with a flying drone. (PHOTOVILLE International / Willie Sy)
January 16, 2014, EDSA cor. White Plains ave. Ortigas Pasig City, Philippines. Mon Jocson, a UNTV field reporter while reporting with a flying drone. (PHOTOVILLE International / Willie Sy)

Flying drones are little robots that make possible to capture aerial video and photo shots.

Last year, during the typhoon Yolanda coverage of UNTV in Leyte, Philippines, drone technology to determine the enormous damage that the typhoon Yolanda has caused.

UNTV news reporter, Robert Navoa reporting in Leyte, Philippines, where drones are being used to cover the news.

This is indeed a major milestone to jumpstart the Gregorian year 2014 for UNTV.

Thanks to GOD for this new innovation

UNTV probably has the most number of free public services that provides the people.

Although sometimes unrecognized and maligned, the genuine effort of UNTV in bringing quality services to the people remains untarnished.

For almost a decade now, UNTV continues to render free public services to cater the needs of many most especially those who are less fortunate in our community and in nation as a whole.

More power to UNTV, to your 9th anniversary and counting, Cheers!

Baguio: Philippines’ Summer Capital – a revisitation

Baguio also known as the city of Pines, is a province situated in the Northern part of the Philippines in Luzon region.  Unlike some regions here in the Philippines, in Baguio the temperature is relatively cold not only during the cold season but all throughout the year.

In Baguio, there are lots of tourist spots to visit like Burnham Park, In here, there are many recreational activities that can be done for enjoyment and leisure.

Camp John Hay a premiere resort that is known for its wonderful landscapes. The Mansion is said to be the Philippine President’s official summer residence. Mines view park, where you can a stunning view of mountain hills.

Session Road, considered as the commercial center where many commercial establishments are built along this road.  The Botanical garden, where you can find a huge array of flora species, in here you can see beautiful flowers and giant ferns. Thanks to GOD for this wonderful creations!

Baguio can be considered as one of the great tourist destinations in the Philippines.

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Click away

Knowledge in photography can be acquired from school, books, magazines and other reading materials whether it is on the web or in hard copies. Also, there are lots of internet sites that teach people on how to do photography.

Based on experience, not all people who studied photography in training school have become expert in photography. But of course I am not discouraging anybody to go to training schools or any institutions to learn photography, because i feel that people have different way of learning things, so it would be better if one knows what method or way is effective for himself.

In my own opinion, being a good photographer entails a lot of sacrifice, money and experience. It is not enough that one is equipped with the state of the art photography gears and accessories (although it is good if you have these) but is really important that one possesses creativity and skills. A good set of eyes (and I do not mean this literally) to see the beauty and captivate the moment most especially the rare and important ones. There are some moments that rarely happen, moments that are worth capturing because it may never ever happen again.

For the photography enthusiasts, whatever it is that you have right now (if there is any), camera phone, point in shoot camera, slr or dslr cameras or the like. Do not be afraid, it is time to find out if there is a photographer in you. You may not know if you will still have time later, tomorrow or if you will still have time left to live.

GOD has created innumerous things that are incredible, wonderful and amazing. Go ahead, “take a shot”.

Wonders in South

When I was in elementary, we studied about Philippine geography. We also tackled about the native products and tourist spots on different provinces across the Philippines. I found the Chocolate Hills in Bohol as one of the most interesting tourist spots here in the Philippines.

Bohol is said to be the 10th largest island in the Philippines. It is a southeastern province located in the Central Visayas region.  Tagbilaran City is its capital. The second smallest primate in the world called the Philippine tarsier which has a scientific name, Tarsius syrichta can be found in Bohol.  It is considered as one of the endangered species. It is very small, that it only measures about 85 to 160 millimeters. Tarsiers are nocturnal animals, they have large set of eyes, they have color gray to dark brown fur and a narrow tail. Tarsiers eat different kinds of insects.

Tarsiers live on trees in the forests. Since they are nocturnal animals, they are asleep in the morning while awake and active at night. They are usually seen on trees attached vertically.

As earlier mentioned, Philippine chocolate hills can be found in Bohol. It can be considered as one of the most famous tourist spots in Bohol. Chocolate hills are covered with grass and are made up of limestone. During summer or dry season, hills are colored green while at the conclusion of the dry season or summer, the hills turn to color brown.

Nature reveals GOD’s marvelous work of art. From the largest to smallest type of all species, from the vastest to the narrowest of the plains GOD’s greatness and wonderful creations abound.

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All these things are evidences that the existence of this world the entire universe was not caused by the theory they called big bang, but the existence of the world and universe is because of the mighty works of GOD. Thanks and glory be to GOD who the greatest creator of all time!