Up in Mt. Arayat

Mt. Arayat is a volcano situated in the Central Luzon region in the Philippines. Specifically, Mt.Arayat is located in the town of Arayat that is situated in the northern part of Pampanga. On the map, Arayat is surrounded by other towns, Magalang, Cabiao, Candaba, Sta. Ana, and Mexico Pampanga respectively.

Historically, there is no recorded eruption for Mt. Arayat. Aside from being a great tourist destination itself, in Mt. Arayat lies other tourist destinations. At some point in the year 1970’s, Mt. Arayat National Park has been constructed. It has swimming pools, picnic areas and trail that would lead to the mountain first peak. Somewhere in the volcano lies the White Rock, that is another known tourist destination. Also, at the foot of Mt. Arayat lies the Pampanga river.

Aside from being a go-to place for the tourist, Mt. Arayat is also a place where mountain climbers go to. It is said that it would take a day plus a couple of hours to reach the summit of the mountain.

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