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Love in time of Plague

Hello friends, I know itvhas been awhile how are you guys? I hope you are well right this moment while you are reading this.

I know, i know it took a plague for me to write another blog and I apologize since I myself has been in tight struggle theses past years. You know, the things that adult people go through, things we do not understand, things that are beyond comprehension like what is going on? Like seriously?! Things that confuse you then until now, until now no answer, no explanation, no whatsoever. But we learn how to live our lives despite of all these things.

Now, I have been living in this world for quite sometime now, like I’m old as a tree and well, i am on my way to menopause. Ooopps, too much information :p .

Considering how old i am right now, i can say that i have never ever experience this kind of event happening in our world right now. Like people are getting sick, people are getting weak, some of them, dying. Famous people, ordinary people, the wealthy, middle class and the poor. This plague clearly has no prejudice or regard to any people.

Now, to be honest, i am also sick while writing this not of covid 19 but hmmm… let us just say my right kidney is acting out like stubborn brat. It gives me chills, fever and side and back pain like seriously? Now?! Now that there are lockdowns here, there and everywhere. By the way we have at least 2 covid 19 confirmed case in our town and all the more authorities are taking super extra precaution to stop the spread. Like sometimes, you will hear the sound of siren and the trumphet that sounds like in the hunger games, it will give you chills sometimes.

Going back to me, i am experiencing fever and pains for 3 days now. Last night I am in desperate need of help. I need medicines, the medicines that i need is the one that needs a prescription before you can buy it. Having mentioned the restrictions that we have how will i go to the hospital now? Yes, i can have someone to drive me to the hospital (ehem, my husband) but what if i got quarantined? I may be paranoid but come on, i am not risking it because fever is one of the symptoms and I have it like, i have high temp it is hard to make one convince that i am just ovulating like, duh? Who i am fooling?

Now, in desperate need of medicine for me to take, i reached out to my friends and my super friends. And none of them at the risk of sounding ungrateful and bad (friend) none of them were able to extend physical help, tangible help that I desperately need.

You know who I got my medicines from? I got it from the ones that I least expected who can help me. I mean i love them but they are not the kinds who I come to have fun, fun, they are not the kind of people who i usually reached out to when I want to share a secret and stuff.
Now i realize, despite my humble stature in life, yes having a car and pretty stuff won’t make us any different from anybody. Like seriously?

You have a car? You cannot drive anywhere it these times? you have money? Well, you know what? You are restricted to get that from the bank to buy some stuff. To be honest we are low on cash right now, like if only someone can send to me a pigeon with physical money tied into it. But of course, this is just me thinking while I have a fever and pains on my back. Maybe the effect of the medicine that I took, who knows?

To my friends and super friends it is not that you are all dead to me now, it is just this time, this difficult situation has shed some light to see that i am not confined with all of you. There are plenty of people out there who I can also count on in times of hardship like some of the times that we shared.

I love you and now my love extends to other people also. May GOD bless them as I cannot give them anything to equal their kindness and support.

Folks, let me say this to you. In this trying time, it is not the time to go against each other but this is time to be reunited and repetant from all the bad things we have done to self, others and to GOD.

Afterall these things I am still as humble and lowly as I can be.

May GOD have mercy on us people. Despite of everything. All thanks and glory belongs to GOD Almighty!