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The Funhouse by Dean Koontz



Amy realized that the barker had been wrong when he said that GOD could not help her. GOD had helped her – …

He was with her right now. She felt HIM at her side. But he wasn’t all like poor Mama said HE was. He wasn’t vengeful GOD with a million rules and harsh punishments. HE was simply … kindness and gentleness and love. HE was caring.

Culled from “The Funhouse” by Dean Koontz pages 326 – 327 copyright 1980

Thank GOD this book was great! 😀 Ferdig 10.10.18


This is the first book that i read written by Dean Koontz. I got so intrigued with the plot of the story so i have decided to pick it up and buy the book.

I was not disappointed.

The book is very exciting and scary most especially on the last few chapters of it.

I have a brother and i can say that I would care and love my brother just as how much Amy love Joey (or may be much more! 😀 )