Monthly Archives: May 2014

Random thoughts on Future,Life, Light and Hope

Future has different faces, depending on the eyes and heart that look on to it.

Future, to some it is bleak to some, promising.

People, some are hopeful, some are hopeless. Some has given up, some are still fighting to survive.

In times that are difficult, some just throw their hands in the air and surrender, some permanently
on their terms, physically that in the future may harm them spiritually, until eternity.

Soldiers in times of war some encounter defeat and even death.

Christians being the believer and follower of GOD are likened to soldiers. In difficult situations, even worst, they fight.

Although sometimes, they fall, but they get up. Sometimes they are tired, they rest but never quit.

They fight not GOD but they fight for the glory of GOD. Sometimes they die, but not in vain.

Christians live in Christ, but they die in Christ.

Yes, Christians may die but not never in vain.

Thanks and glory to GOD who gives life and strength.