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A Breastfeeding Program, A Guinness World Record and an Anniversary

Guinness Book Of World Record has its new on the number of people breastfeeding simultaneously. Yes, The Nurturers of Earth in cooperation with the Members Church of GOD International and Ang Dating Daan has made this possible with the help of GOD.

There are over 1000 breastfeeding sites plus one International site in Papua New Guinea that participated on this event.

This undertaking was done coinciding with the celebration of Ang Dating Daan’s 33rd Anniversary, it being the longest running religious program.

Dubbed as Sabay-Sabay Sumuso sa Nanay the event happened in one of the cities in the metro, in Marikina City with UNTV 37 as its official media partner.

On this event also, the supporters of this undertaking have posted their tweets with #ADDforBreastfeed hashtag. The said hashtag was placed on the top trending topic for today.

This event promotes the importance of breast feeding for both mother and child. It is said that children are better breastfed from birth up to 4 years of age.

A Happy life inside the Church now on its Silk Anniversary

It is exactly 3 days before my spiritual and I cannot be more happy,yey!

When I was in elementary, there are many things that I learned about religion because here in our country, there are subjects (even in college) that teach religion.

I became really interested on the things that my religious teachers are teaching me. I used to ace the examinations that we had during those days, and in college, I also become as industrious and attentive to the religion class as I used to be when I was in elementary. But the difference is, when I was in elementary I am attentive on the class because I want to absorb the lessons being taught to us and eventually, apply the leanings on my day to day living, on the other hand, mostly in college, I am very attentive on the religious class because I was scrutinizing the teachings and things that our teacher are teaching us. I then became a critic against the religious teachings that I used to love and respect.

It may seem that I turned atheist when I was in college, but no, it is otherwise instead.

When I was in highschool, I am fond of watching tv (since my interest in writing and reading have not yet emerged) from noon (after class) up until the wee hours of the night. As I was watching tv, I came across a religious tv program, Ang Dating Daan (The Old Path) no matter how I try to remember when exactly I started watching it, I can’t all I know is that I became addicted to it I won’t last a day without watching it. Everyday, as I’m watching it, the more I learn about the truth in the Bible, I came to know GOD, Jesus Christ and the true Church of GOD, the real religion. Not only that, I came to know the things that I should be doing while living.

After graduating from highschool I stop going to church to hear mass and eventually, disregard the religious teachings that u have learned from my previous religion, entirely.

After first semester in college, during break I was baptized and accepted the absolute truth, that the Church of GOD in he Bible is “the” one and only true religion ever existed (and still existing).

October 26, 2001 to be exact. From that day on, I live and breathe the heavenly teachings that I have learned (and learning) inside the Church of GOD.

Life is not easy as a Christian. There are many tribulations and hardships it is because of GOD’s love and mercy that I am still inside the Church.

To GOD I owe all things that I have (and I don’t). Thanks to Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

and ultimately, of course …

Thanks and glory to GOD.