Monthly Archives: September 2013

Thanking GOD for all reasons, anywhere

We have numerous ways in acknowledging GOD’s greatness to us. I know, as many of us are believer to GOD, know and feel HIS greatness and power in every moment of our lives.

The weather here in our country (yehey, we’re back! ;)) is not so good there have been many landslides happening in many places. Also, in one of the regions, there is ongoing war between the military and the rebels, and of course, some other problems that our nation faces. We too, as individuals have our own.

No matter how tough our days and lives are, we keep on living our lives in many ways possible.

Regardless the manners on how we deal with our lives, there is one thing that I know and certain of, and that is GOD’s power and love that keep us holding on during the hardest moments in our lives, during all our difficult times. GOD himself can make things better and in order for make us see the light at the end the darkest tunnel and to see the wonderful sunshine past every hardest of all rains.

We are thanking GOD for everything HE has done (and did not :)) to me, my husband and our family.

Thank YOU GOD! YOU never fail to amaze us! All Glory are YOURS. Amen.