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Bro. Eli falsely accused as a rapist by Daniel Veridiano – look who’s talking?

Brother Eli has been a subject of false accusations for years and years by people who hate him because of the expositions that he has been doing on religious fraud and doctrines.

Bro. Eli a known preacher who is the Presiding Minister of the religion, Members Church of GOD International. He is also very known to spearhead many public services like, free education, free feeding program, free medical assistance and many more. He is also a philanthropist who extends help to many people who are needy.

On the other hand, let us get to know the person who is accusing him of being a rapist. Daniel Veridiano, an excommunicated, a former member of the Church of GOD International. He is was excommunicated because of many bad things that he did, one of those is church funds embezzlement. He has used millions and millions for his personal gain. Another reason is because of raping a number of men (yes, men). This is not a mere accusation but this act was confessed by him.

Please see confession

(video uploaded by Kaanib2 on youtube)

Having all these in mind. Now, who would you believe?