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Bro. Eli Soriano on UNTV Radio La Verdad

Bro. Eli Soriano is known an evangelist known for his Biblical prowess. He answers questions like no other preacher in our time can do. The religious programs that he is currently hosting are being aired on the web streaming channels and of course on various tv channels.

To make use of the other means to propagate the gospel, Bro. Eli also utilizes radio as another medium to spread the good news of salvation. In fact, one his programs, Ask Soriano, the Bible shall answer is being aired on UNTV Radio La Verdad, one of the radio stations in the Philippines.

UNTV Radio La Verdad has been formally launched early last year on January 16, 2012. Its frequency is 1350 kHz in AM band.

MCGI mobile app on iOS and Android Devices

Nowadays, we see people carrying lots of techy gadgets and stuff like mobile phones, laptop computers and many kinds of portable music players that practically you can carry anywhere, everywhere you are.

With this, the technological rivalry among mobile phones and electronic companies becomes more and more intense. Hence, the performance, durability and accessibility of the electronic gadgets are being put into higher level.

Talking about the accessibility that brings by the handy gadgets whether it be to personal files, entertainment and leisure, there are available applications that are being made available on the android app market and on the iOS app store, depending on the operating system that your gadgets have. Some of these are free and some are of course, available for a fee.

Practically, of course, many would choose to go for the free applications, whether it be from the But of course, people have to be wise and practical on choosing what apps to be downloaded to maximize the use of the memory space of the gadgets as well s its use.

There are many religious apps that are available in iOS i.e. app store in android app market, and MCGI mobile app is one of those. Yes, it is available, for free!

To search for the MCGI mobile app, just simply use “MCGI” as keyword and hoala! It would immediately appear on your screen.

In the MCGI mobile app, you will see different menus such as About, Works, 24/7 Community Prayer and Reach Us. These are made for your convenience for seamless browsing and enjoyment.

So whether your device is android or iOS feel free to install the MCGI mobile app to make your android and iOS device more fun to use! Enjoy!

MCGI mobile app

Tulong Muna Bago Pasada: Another first, by Mr. Public Service, Kuya Daniel Razon

Just like the other advocacies that have been implemented and spear headed by Kuya Daniel Razon, here comes another addition to the long suite public services, Tulong Muna Bago Pasada.

Tulong Muna Bago Pasada advocacy aims to provide medical assistance for the motorists and the public alike in times of road emergencies and accidents.

In cooperation with the Philippine National Red Cross, Basic life support training has been started with the first batch of taxi or cab drivers as participants.

The cab drivers have undergone to the trainings that needed to equip them to necessarily take actions in case emergencies arise while on the road.

The trainings of the first batch of cab drivers will continue for the coming days and afterwards the participants will receive certificates as proof that they are already able to administer first aid.

For more details, you can contact the following numbers –

UNTV News and Rescue Hotlines

Smart – 0938 803 0777
Globe – 0926 633 5744
Sun – 0923 416 1377
PLDT – 441 8688 (UNTV)