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A Different Kind of New Year

All over the world, there are many New Year celebrations that are being observed by many. There is Chinese new year, Hindu new year, Roman new year and the list can go on.

For a Christian who believes and follows Jesus Christ, you would also use the same calendar that HE based from.

Some people celebrate their new year on January 1 every year, some celebrate theirs every February while others celebrate theirs on different month of each year.

For the Christians, the transition of the year based on the Hebrew calendar, will be on the 1st day of Nissan, year 5773.

On the Gregorian calendar, today is March 11, 2013, when the sun sets today, it will be the 1st day of Nissan year 5773 in accordance to the Hebrew calendar.

Therefore as I believe that I am a Christian, today, when the sun sets, I would like to greet all Christians all over the world, a Happy New Year!