Monthly Archives: December 2012

Things that scare you, but should not

My perspective on supernatural beings, monsters, bad spirits and everything that goes bump in the night has changed. Ever since the time that I was enlightened and have known the words of GOD that are true and pure through the preaching of Bro. Eli Soriano, my fear towards such kind has gone.

I have learned that evils are spirits that can create illusions that fool people. They can disguise as different animals, they can disguise as something that is scary.

I grew up believing that there are supernatural beings, monsters, bad spirits in this world. They are most of the time being used to scare children to behave and people to stay put inside their homes. Probably, these are also one of the reasons why people are afraid of the dark and being alone.

As for my personal experience with these beings, I have a few, some of them I can still recall up until now, some mild encounters and some seems to be just like they are near to me. I must admit, the memories of these experiences used to hunt me. Sometimes, before, I cannot sleep and sometimes I cannot do the things that I can do because I am afraid, afraid of the dark and afraid of some places because of the thought that they might be there.

Just recently, I watched the 13th movie installment of Shake,Rattle and Roll. For some of you who may have not know, it is a horror movie in the Philippines that has probably the most number of installments. This is one of the movies that I watch with my friends and family since I was a child. And yes, as expected in regards to such kind of movies, there have been many characters, beings and scenarios that are being seen to scare the viewers.

Sad to say, while it is true that the producers benefit from the profit of this kind of movie, the movie also leave the audience feeling scared and in one way or the other, it can influence and persuade the viewers to believe into beings that “are not real”.

Of course, there have been countless ghost stories that were told over years. However, with all that I have already learned, I no longer believe on those. Others might have actually have seen, heard and felt something, but these are mere illusions, people can see it but they are not real.