Storm – no matter how bad it is, never blame GOD

July 30, 2012 at 12:45 am, i was suddenly awaken by the sound of the strong winds and heavy rainfall. At first i thought that it was already 3:30 am but no, im only asleep for a couple of hours.
I was lying on my bed, can not almost move because of the fear that i feel as i hear the sound of rain and the howling of the wind and, it was dark.

I was trying to feel and imagine how it looks outside. Moments have passed and still the storm has not subsided and so as the fear that i feel. The storm made me assess myself and introspect on the things and faults that i have done wrong. I know i am not sinless but deep inside somehow, i feel the consolation that despite of my imperfections and faults there i have GOD in my life.

With the fear in my heart, i prayed to GOD to calm the storm. Moments later, i fell asleep. Hours have passed and it’s time for me to wake up to get ready for work and i noticed that the strong wind has stopped as well as the rain fall. Ah, finally.

Outside, i saw many leaves scattered on the road the atmosphere is somehow eerie. To brush of the fear, i started singing song of praise in order for me be calm and relieved. It was effective, it never fails.

At the train station, it feels very uncomfortable the lighting is very inadequate because only few lights bulbs are lit up. I suppose that this is because they are only using power generator to supply for the electricity.

I observed the surroundings and made a mental note of the inconvenience and damages brought about by the storm. With all these, will people blame GOD for what had happened? Does GOD wants these to happen?

Oh remember the blog entry that i came across and thought, nah, It is not GOD’s fault, blame the hypocrites! here is the link to the blog –

Its Not God’s Fault; Blame the Hypocrites! by Bro. Eli Soriano

I hope you will also read it and be enlightened.

5 thoughts on “Storm – no matter how bad it is, never blame GOD

  1. People find it easy to point the finger of blame during times like these, and I appreciate your putting a link of an informative blog post there to help enlighten us more on this subject. It’s high time that we listen to what the Bible says and learn to appreciate it. Kudos!

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