@BroEliSoriano – a person that is worth following

The emergence of technology when it comes to communication has grown and continues to grow. From telegraph, snail mail, telephone, mobile phone (that used to be almost as big as a transistor radio, ugh.. big and heavy that is)  until today, communication has been possible through social networking sites via the internet. Speaking of social networking sites, the communications have been made easy, fast and cheap (well, relatively). One of the most popular social networking sites that has emerged and popular is the micro blogging site that is – twitter.

In twitter, a user is only allowed to type or key in anything not more than 140 characters unlike facebook which is one of the most popular social networking sites nowadays. But just like the other social networking sites, it has been misused and abused. Well, that is the sad reality.

Well, on the lighter note, (to make you happy!) There is a good news to tell (yey!) Did you know that Bro. Eli Soriano – the most sensible preacher in our time is on twitter? Yes he is my friends. Just to give you a background for the benefit of those who do not know him yet, Bro. Eli is a global evangelist who is the Presiding Minister of the Members Church of GOD International or MCGI. Bro. Eli has various tv programs across the globe in almost all regions. Aside from his broadcasts where he preaches the words of GOD and answers questions from people about the Bible and other things, (practically, anything and everything under the sun) he also have twitter account where people tweet their questions and Bro. Eli tweets back with the answers to their questions (isn’t it great?).

So my friends, if you have questions about the Bible, faith and other things, feel free to tweet Bro. Eli at @ BroEliSoriano. And also, feel free to follow him also.

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