Monthly Archives: May 2012

Things, good or bad ends.

Some good things come to an end

As we humans know life here on earth is just temporary. Even this planet that we live in, the stars, the sun and the entire universe will eventually perish.

In this world, even feelings no matter how great or bad it is eventually end. Yes, we laugh but the laughter that we experience may only last for a minute or 10 but come on, who among us have ever experience laughing for say one day, non stop?!  Of course there none.

Speaking of feelings, love – the ever unquantifiable, indescribable thing that even the smartest and the greatest of us have not and cannot measure also ends, (well, as for some humans)

Power, whether it be political power or anything else, it ends. Taking the political power for example, the presidential seat has its own term. No matter how many times one have been reelected, well, he cannot be forever president of a nation. There will come a time that he needs to step down and hand over the power sooner or later. 

Even the beauty of the most beautiful, shall pass.

So whenever you feel hurt, tired, lonely or whatever just remember this will eventually gone.

When you are at the peak of what they call ha-pi-ness, remember this too shall pass. (well, materially and “earthly” wise)

On the other hand however, the sorrows, pains and hardships too, will eventually pass in GOD’s time