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An Open Letter to the GOD Almighty

Dear GOD,

I know everyday is a good day to you and I thank YOU for sharing another good day of YOURS.

For so many years now since YOU brought my brother in this world, YOU have showered him with YOUR love.  In every milestone that he has in HIS life, I know YOU have made it possible. In every achievements that he has, I know YOU are behind of all it.

Today, just like every special moments in our lives, we are Thankful to YOU O GOD that you have made this day possible for me, my parents and specially for my brother.

Thank YOU GOD for guiding my brother while he was still studying in school. Now that HE has graduated from the academic school, may YOU still guide, teach, him and shower him with lots of love that HE needs.

All praises, thanks and glory are to YOU our LORD forever and ever!

Respectfully yours,

YOUR worthless servant

Bro. Eli Soriano and the world wide web

Bro. Eli may have left the  Philippines, but not his noble duty to spread the word of GOD to many people.  With GOD’s help, the evangelization continues to grow.  

Bro. Eli once said that “Although misused, the web is a channel for God’s message.”

And he is right! In fact, Bro. Eli is using the web in propagating the words of GOD.

Here are some of the links for your reference:

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