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Kuya Daniel Razon turned 28th on 28

Happy 28th Birthday in Christ, Kuya Daniel Razon!

Daniel Razon
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Now that Kuya Daniel has turned 28, there are plenty of things to thank GOD for. I would like to Thank GOD first (of course) and Kuya Daniel for:

1. for being an instrument in rendering numerous public services to many people

2. for being such a blessing to humanity (just like your uncle, Bro. Eli Soriano)

3. for being a loving father to your children and to others’ also

4. for being an inspiration

5. for being an educator, mentor and coach

6. for the good deeds that you are doing that set as example to many

7. for the exceptional service that you render to people

8. for being a reliable Kuya (big brother) to us

9. for sharing us your love to music

10. for being true to your words

11. for the support that you are giving to Bro. Eli with GOD’s help

12. for being such a joy that makes Bro. Eli happy

13. for being very compassionate

14. for being thoughtful and caring for the welfare of others

15. for doing your duty with the best of your ability with GOD’s help 

16. for the songs of praises that you have composed that bring delight in our hearts when we sing them

17. for being very patient and composed (even under pressure and persecution)

18. for being a friend and confidant to the lonely souls

19. for preaching GOD’s words that brings hope to and rest to the restless and weary souls

20. for extending your helping hands for those who are in need

21. for the brilliant plans that you have come up with with GOD’s guidance

22. for braving all the pains and persecutions that comes along your way with GOD’s help

23. for the wonderful photographs that are always and always good to look at

24. for your advices and the words of wisdom that are heavenly inspired

25. for teaching us to behave accordingly

26. for the award winning music albums that are inspring

27. for bringing us closer to GOD with GOD’s help

28. for being someone that you ought to be with GOD’s help

Again, Happy 28th Birthday Kuya Daniel! May you have more fruitful birthdays to come. Thanks and Glory to GOD