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10 reasons why I am a Happy and Thankful Christian

1. GOD loves me (and you too!)
2. Jesus love me too (and yes, you too!)
3. I am under GOD’s care
4. For keeping Bro. Eli and Kuya Daniel safe and loved all the time  
5. For the GOD given blessings for me and for my loved ones
6. For the duty that gives meaning to my life
7. For the biblical knowledge that we learn
8. For the GOD’s salvation and the joy that HE brings to my life
9. For the things I do not know
10. Today, I am celebrating my 10th Birthday in Christ

It is my 10th Birthday! Thanks to and Glory to GOD

A Decade full of Meaning

When I was young, I already know that there is GOD. When I become a little older, I came to believe that there is GOD. And when I become much older I have proven and known that there is really GOD.

When I was a little girl, I used to believe that the GOD is the one who is made of cement that is displayed on our altar. There is a point during my childhood that I always come to the altar kneeling down to pray in front of the graven image. And then I have learned how to pray repetitively while holding some beads in my hands. Also, have learned how to go to a place to hear mass, inside there are plenty of those graven images that look like ours, in there they look more bigger and more colorful compared to what we have at home. During those times, I thought that serving GOD is just as easy as doing good deeds that the men in white robes are teaching, praying and kneeling down in front of those graven images and that is it, Hoala! I am going to heaven after I died!

One fateful day, when I was watching television, I certainly came across to a religious program(Ang Dating Daan). Agh, I cannot when is that day exactly. What I can only recall are the days when I feel that my day is incomplete without me watching that religious program on TV. I was very young then but old enough to understand and feel that what the host (Bro. Eli Soriano) is saying are indeed the truth because he bases his preaching solely from the bible. I always and always hear Bro. Eli Soriano say, basa! (read in English). It came to a point that I realized that the teachings and doctrines of my current religion that time are totally wrong, and to make things worst, the teachings and doctrines of my old religion are the exact opposite of what the true and undefiled doctrines in the bible says. Eventually, Ang Dating Daan has become my favorite tv program. Watching it has become my habit. Well, not only a habit but literally part of my daily routine. I feel incomplete without watching it.

Later on in my life, by watching Ang Dating Daan, I realize that my life is gradually changing. I no longer go to that place to hear mass and pray while im on my knees in front of the graven images, I no longer pray repetitively and my faith belief has started to become colder, colder and eventually, has totally gone.

Alright, at some point I need to make a decision, a major, major decision. The greatest decision in my life and yes, it is a matter of life and death not only literally but spiritually. Yes, I might be young then actually I am just a minor then, but I feel that, that decision is the greatest decision a man can make – minor or adult. I finally made up my mind (and my heart) And so I asked my mother if I can change my religion, and you know what is her answer ? (Drum roll please…) a resounding no! My goodness! That is one of the shattering moments in my life.  But since GOD’s calling is so strong that I can never ever resist, I have decided to pursue my plans. To cut the veryyyyy lonnnggggggg story short, I was baptized and become a member of theChurchofGOD International.

At first, I can say that it was easy. There was some series of drama (plenty, actually) and action (o, memories) and adventure as well. Well seriously, it was tough it was hard but it is rewarding.

Life here on earth is not as easy as riding a bike. Regardless of what kind of faith that you have, regardless of your status in the society, whether you are rich or poor – admit it people, it is not easy.

But what makes my life (and my brothers and sisters in faith) different from everyone else is that despite of  the hardship that we may have, no matter how big our problems are, no matter how complicated the situation or matters in our lives may be, we have inner peace in our hearts. We are happy because we are grateful for who we are, and what we have. This is because we have one GOD who quenches our thirst, who fills our hungry stomachs. We have GOD to shield us from any storm, protect us from dangers, who loves us unconditionally and whose love and kindness is unfathomable –

Yes, the GOD Almighty.

We also have Christ who delivered us from sins and who mediates us to GOD.

And also the Holy Spirit that assists and guides us.

If I am to die in the near future, and while I am still alive right now and able to write this blog with GOD’s help,  I would like all of you to know that I do not regret the decision that I made 10 years ago. I would like to move forward with GOD’s help and fulfill the destiny that is upon me.

Looking back from the first day that I receive the faith until this very moment, I would say that in spite of the hardships, the pains and sufferings that I have encountered. Despite of how unworthy and useless I am, I am honored and grateful to be called to reside inside the House of GOD.

And if I am to live again, my decision would still be the same. The decision that I made 10 years ago had led me to have a renewed life, a more peaceful life and a more blissful life. Residing inside GOD’s House gives me the feeling of comfort, the feeling that there would always be SOMEONE who is always here by my side whenever I am happy and whenever I am in pain.

I know writing this blog is not enough for paying even a single thing that GOD has done for me and for my loved ones but, in my humble way, I would like to express how grateful I am to be loved by GOD.

Thanks be to GOD for the wonderful decade that HE has given me. All Glory and praises are to HIM

Ang Dating Daan on its 31st and beyond

Ang Dating Daan is not a religion my friends, it is a title of the religious program on TV and on radio hosted by no less than Bro. Eli Soriano.

Ang Dating Daan was first aired on the year 1980 on a local radio station, DWWA 1206 kHz. It used to be a 30-minute radio program way then. After 3 years, Bro. Eli has decided to put Ang Dating Daan on television. It was aired on the year 1983 on IBC channel 13, a local television station in thePhilippines. Few years after, it moved to another television station, RJTV channel 29 and then on to SBN channel 21 and now currently broadcasting to UNTV (Your Public Service Channel) channel 37.

Ang Dating Daan is known for its one of a kind segment – Itanong Mo Kay Soriano, Biblia ang Sasagot, where people can ask questions to Bro. Eli Soriano about faith, life, love, bible and other topics. (basically about anything under (or above) the sun). All the answers that will be given to all queries will be based and read from the bible, hence the word basa! (read!) has been associated with this program.

In 2002, on the 5th Philippine Web Awards the Ang Dating Daan’s official website – received an award for being the Yehey’s Most Popular Website of the Year and was also received the People’s Choice Award in the best organization website category among the 2,000 Philippine websites that competed for the top site in this annual competition. Also, in 2006, it was awarded as the “Most Informative Religious Program” in North America by Gawad America.

Although Ang Dating Daan has already received various awards and recognitions, probably, the most precious and the best from all of these is the remarkable victory of Bro. Eli over all the debates and the enlightened people that were baptized and become members of the true Church of GOD. All of these have become possible with the help of GOD.

Ang Dating Daan will be having its 31st anniversary on the 22nd day of this month, October year 2011.

amaris cries for Boycott! for the unfair journalism of GMA 7 and Qtv11

In the emergence of technology and developments in the current dispensation, a lot of things can be done electronically in an instant. You can shop, pay your bills, do some banking transactions and a whole lot more by using online facilities available on the internet. And oh, people can now also protest and air out their grievances and disappointments online.

August 3, 2011 – Qtv channel 11, a local tv station here in the Philippines replayed an episode on one of their tv programs, case unclosed hosted by Arnold Clavio a reporter here in the Philippines. The episode was first aired on June 18, 2009 on GMA 7 on the very same tv program.

The episode featured a case involving Bro. Eli Soriano a renowned televangelist and Daniel “puto” Verdiano. The episode tackled about the rape case that was previously filed (and dismissed, then resurrected) by Daniel Veridiano against Bro. Eli Soriano. He said that Bro. Eli raped him.

Rape case? (come on!) alright, let us first look into the character and reputation of the two people involved here, first Bro. Eli Soriano. As most of us may know already, Bro. Eli Soriano is a preacher (and the one and only sensible one of our time) who is the Presiding Minister to the Members of the Church of GOD International. He is the host of the religious programs, Itanong mo kay Soriano … Biblia ang sasagot that is being aired from Monday to Sunday and Ang Dating Daan that is being aired every Sunday on UNTV 37 (your Public Service Channel). Currently, he also has extended his preaching with the use of television through other religious programs that he hosts that are being viewed in many countries across the globe. He also spearheads various charitable works such as free feeding programs, free education, free ride, free medical consultation and medication and a whole lot of public services, for free together with Bro. Daniel Razon.

On the other side of the ring – Daniel “puto” Verdiano. He is a former member of the the Church of GOD International. Yes, “former”as in ex-member. Reason: he was found guilty of stealing money from the Church funds and raping various men, yes, you read it right, m-e-n . Now, I would no longer be discussing more about the details as in the – who, what, when, where and how’s of this case since this case is already in the court of justice.

Philippines is a democratic country. I myself have various rights as a Filipino, and one of these rights is the right to choose the television station to watch and not to watch. And for this, chose not to watch any program on GMA 7 and Qtv11. This is because of the injustice that they did to Bro. Eli. In that particular malicious episode featuring the Bro. Eli vs. Daniel Daniel “puto” Verdiano, only the side of story of Puto has been aired. GMA 7 and Qtv 11 have been biased, very biased. Bro. Eli has not given proper time and chance to explain his side of story. They have been unfair very unfair not only to Bro. Eli but to the public, because they have spared the truth from me, from us. And for this, I protest for that untruthful and malicious episode.

Talking about online protest, I wrote this blog to express my disappointment and the cry for justice in favor to Bro. Eli.

I boycott GMA 7 and Qtv11!