Monthly Archives: September 2011

when we fail

Failure has always been part of our lives. It causes us pain, frustration and even death. There are times in our lives that after we failed, we seem to lose hope, we seem to lose trust to others and even to ourselves. We tend to doubt, we asked questions and we seek for answers. We feel helpless and useless, we feel the need for someone to turn to, someone we believe who can be trusted and reliable to ease our burdens.  

Situations like these bring us closer to GOD. In situations like this, often times we submit ourselves to GOD, we kneel down and pray, we cry and tell GOD how awful our feelings because we have failed. We ask forgiveness and strength to carry on no matter how hard to stand up again and pick up the pieces.

Failure would not make us 100% strong after we have endured the pains and heartache it brought to us.But it is good to know that there is GOD who heals us from the pain, who comforts us when we feel the heartaches, who dust us off after we have fallen down.

GOD is the only one who entirely accepts and understands our humble beings.

No matter how many times you have already failed and no matter how many times you are going to fail, do not lose hope.As long as you are with GOD, everything is going to be alright.