Monthly Archives: August 2011

Click away

Knowledge in photography can be acquired from school, books, magazines and other reading materials whether it is on the web or in hard copies. Also, there are lots of internet sites that teach people on how to do photography.

Based on experience, not all people who studied photography in training school have become expert in photography. But of course I am not discouraging anybody to go to training schools or any institutions to learn photography, because i feel that people have different way of learning things, so it would be better if one knows what method or way is effective for himself.

In my own opinion, being a good photographer entails a lot of sacrifice, money and experience. It is not enough that one is equipped with the state of the art photography gears and accessories (although it is good if you have these) but is really important that one possesses creativity and skills. A good set of eyes (and I do not mean this literally) to see the beauty and captivate the moment most especially the rare and important ones. There are some moments that rarely happen, moments that are worth capturing because it may never ever happen again.

For the photography enthusiasts, whatever it is that you have right now (if there is any), camera phone, point in shoot camera, slr or dslr cameras or the like. Do not be afraid, it is time to find out if there is a photographer in you. You may not know if you will still have time later, tomorrow or if you will still have time left to live.

GOD has created innumerous things that are incredible, wonderful and amazing. Go ahead, “take a shot”.