P-e-c-u-l-i-a-r ones

Generally men are known for being tough, brave and strong. However, the “masculinity” or “man-ness” of the male specie is not only measured or gauged on how they present themselves to other people.

 In some cases, it is in the way they make right decisions, choosing the right principle to stand for and the way they hold on to their right faith no matter what.

 Like any other normal beings, men do sometimes cry. For the ordinary, they cry whenever they are in pain or in deep sadness and of course, they cry for many other reasons.

On the other hand however, for the peculiar ones, they cry not only because of the common, ordinary reasons but they cry because there are some special reasons that cause them to.

Peculiar ones cry while they are on their knees, praying talking to GOD earnestly, asking forgiveness, strength and help for them to be able to survive the dangers and trials that they encounter as they live. They admit to themselves that they have weaknesses and they are nothing before the eyes of GOD their creator. Sometimes they are in tears because they feel the real happiness within them while giving thanks and praises to GOD with joyful songs of praises.

Righteous men have courage to admit that they too commit mistakes, have weaknesses and are useless servants of GOD. They acknowledge the existence of the Supreme Being who is GOD who created them.

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