Monthly Archives: June 2011

Thanks be to GOD who causes the lips to say “Thanks!”

Thanks be to GOD for another 3 months that HE allowed me to stay inside HIS home. Outside, I know I will never ever feel the happiness that i feel everyday and the inner peace that i have knowing that HIS eyes are on the people that HE cares for.

Thanks be to GOD for the wonderful blessings that HE gave me. Until now, because of HIS grace and mercy, the blessings that HE gave me are still in my hands. Although i’m unworthy to receive the blessings,  still HE gave it and HE continuously shower me and my loved ones with the gifts coming from above from HIM with love.

Thanks be to GOD for the forgiveness and mercy that HE gave me and to my loved ones and for the understanding and compassion for HIS people that never cease.