47 of countless reasons

photo by: http://www.elisoriano.com

Bro. Eli is known by many people as a religious man. Many people know him while some pretend that they do not know him as well. Many people love him and some people hate him. Many people want him alive while some want him dead. Be that as it may Bro. Eli is Bro. Eli – a man with a pure heart.

With GOD’s help, he was able to do many charitable deeds. Some people acknowledge it, while some do not. Many people do not pay gratitude, first to GOD and then to him for the kindness and compassion that he has shown but instead, they pay him back by maligning his personality.

Be that as it may, still, he continues to do what GOD has mandated to him to do, and that is to do good to others without expecting anything in return.

Last Monday, April 4, 2011 (1st of Nissan, Christian New Year!)  Bro. Eli celebrated his birthday in flesh and yesterday, April 7, 2011, he celebrated his 47th birthday in Christ.

I am very happy and thankful to GOD I was able to witness and joined such wonderful celebration and it was a feast in deed! Feast not on the food that spoils but on the food that makes the inner man grow stronger in faith i.e GOD’s words.

Although I am not a kind of person who has attained and achieved major milestones, awards and recognitions that the life here on earth has to offer, but I am still proud because I have known GOD and I always feel HIS love and care for me despite of my humble being.

Speaking of acknowledgement, I would like to thank GOD first of all and Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit as well for being always be of assistance and guidance to me and to my loved ones. Also, I would like to acknowledge the things that Bro. Eli did to my life with the help of GOD. I know he, himself cannot do anything without GOD’s help.

Thank GOD, thank Jesus for sending Bro. Eli in the midst of us.

And also, I would like to say to GOD and to Bro. Eli —

1. Thank GOD for making me realize that there is hope with GOD amidst all of the madness and evil things in this world.

2. Thank GOD that you willfully offered yourself to be a humble servant to our Master – GOD.

3. Thank GOD for introducing me to GOD and for teaching me how to serve HIM.

4. Thank GOD for letting me know how important I am to GOD.

5. Thank GOD for being an instrument to GOD to make HIS marvelous work of salvation known to me and to our Christian brethren.

6. Thank GOD for teaching me how to serve GOD.

7. Thank GOD for caring for us.

8. Thank GOD for being one of my inspirations.

9. Thank GOD for the spiritual food that you are feeding us.

10. Thank GOD for teaching me how to pray.

11. Thank GOD for teaching me the Christian doctrines.

12. Thank GOD for sending GOD’s messages for me.

13. Thank GOD for your sweet tweets, it never fail to make my day.

14. Thank GOD for your laughter and smiles that bring joy to my heart.

15. Thank GOD for teaching me how to dress up, the Christian way.

16. Thank GOD for being a parent in faith to me.

17. Thank GOD that you brought up our Kuya Daniel Razon in accordingly with GOD’s help.

18. Thank GOD for the words of wisdom that GOD has given to you.

19. Thank GOD for telling me that I should love myself and others even my enemies.

20. Thank GOD for inviting me in to come inside GOD’s home.

21. Thank GOD for the good news that I too, has a chance to attain GOD’s mercy and salvation.

22. Thank GOD for teaching me how to become more patient and understanding.

23.  Thank GOD for teaching me how to live a more simple life.

24.  Thank GOD for the songs of praise that you composed with GOD’s help that makes me sing from my heart.

25. Thank GOD for the joy that you bring to my life just by seeing and knowing you are alive.

26. Thank GOD for being a protective brother to us.

27. Thank GOD for yelling at us so we realize our mistakes and shortcomings.

28. Thank GOD for your rebuke and for disciplining us.

29. Thank GOD for spearheading the charitable projects and works where I and others benefit from.

30. Thank GOD for providing us shelter.

31. Thank GOD for being HIS instrument to make my eyes to see.

32. Thank GOD for being a good adviser.

33. Thank GOD for teaching me HIS commandments so I will become fearful to HIM.

34. Thank GOD for teaching me how to live my life accordingly.

35. Thank GOD for teaching me how to thank GOD.

36. Thank GOD for teaching me how I should fulfill my duty.

37. Thank GOD for making me realize how happy and wonderful Christian life is.

38. Thank GOD for taking care of yourself so you will be able to take care of us with GOD’s help.

39. Thank GOD being very considerate to us.

40. Thank GOD for training Church workers to be humane, helpful and GOD fearing.

41. Thank GOD for the big heart that HE has given to you.

42. Thank GOD for sharing your blessings to us.

43. Thank GOD for making the good news of salvation known to humanity.

44. Thank GOD for showing me a glimpse of heaven.

45. Thank GOD for being HIS instrument to me and to many people to have a renewed life in accordance to GOD’s will.

46. Thank GOD for removing my doubts about the existence of GOD.

47. Thank GOD because inside the Church of GOD where you currently preside its members, I am finally home!

Although I am a very worthless being, I have found peace and real happiness in the hands of Almighty GOD! Thanks and glory be to GOD forever and ever!

2 thoughts on “47 of countless reasons

  1. ms. amaris, you are very wrong, you do know who soriano is. he is not a messenger of God and not a true preacher from heaven. he is categorized as false and liar. anyone who believes in him will be damned. im sorry to say this, i know where you are coming from. im also one of his avid follower before, but time comes God has showed me his grace and revealed all his wrong teachings. Thank God im a former ADD member but no longer. Because mr. Soriano and his ang dating daan is a big hoax.

    1. @elisorianoexposed with the things that you have mentioned i strongly believe that you are the one who does not really know who he is. You said – “he is categorized as false and liar” what is your basis? is there any belief or teaching that you know that he said,which is not in accordance to the bible? can you prove it? can you supply it with biblical facts or factual basis? you also said, – “anyone who believes in him will be damned” what made you believe so? i remember a false prophet who once told that Bro. Eli is cursed and he that will going to die soon.On February 6, 2005, Quiboloy said that Bro. Eli will going to die within six (6) months and he also warned the members being presided by Bro. Eli that they will suffer the same fate with him if they are not going to leave religious group where Bro Eli is a Presiding minister to the members. Today is Monday, April 18, 2011, it has been 6 years since he told this but up until now, Bro. Eli is still alive with GOD’s help so what Quiboloy has said is not true therefore Quiboloy is a liar! a false prophet! I am sorry for what happened to you, you should have seek guidance and enlightenment from Bro. Eli during consultation or you could have reached out with the proper authorities like the KNP’s and TP’s to answer and cast all your doubts. If you are thankful that you got kicked out from the Church of GOD, i am not. I am very thankful to GOD for every moment of everyday that i spent inside the Church of GOD. Inside the Church of GOD, i find peace and love that comforts my soul and my humble physical being. Inside the Church of GOD, we have Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel who are doing their best to lead us to perfection with GOD’s help. For all of these I am very grateful to GOD. As of you I suggest you stop cursing and telling lies about Bro. Eli and the Church of GOD, by this come judgment day, GOD only knows, you might obtain mercy. If you are going to ask your conscience, you know yourself that Bro. Eli has done nothing bad to anyone. Praise be to GOD!

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