Wonders in South

When I was in elementary, we studied about Philippine geography. We also tackled about the native products and tourist spots on different provinces across the Philippines. I found the Chocolate Hills in Bohol as one of the most interesting tourist spots here in the Philippines.

Bohol is said to be the 10th largest island in the Philippines. It is a southeastern province located in the Central Visayas region.  Tagbilaran City is its capital. The second smallest primate in the world called the Philippine tarsier which has a scientific name, Tarsius syrichta can be found in Bohol.  It is considered as one of the endangered species. It is very small, that it only measures about 85 to 160 millimeters. Tarsiers are nocturnal animals, they have large set of eyes, they have color gray to dark brown fur and a narrow tail. Tarsiers eat different kinds of insects.

Tarsiers live on trees in the forests. Since they are nocturnal animals, they are asleep in the morning while awake and active at night. They are usually seen on trees attached vertically.

As earlier mentioned, Philippine chocolate hills can be found in Bohol. It can be considered as one of the most famous tourist spots in Bohol. Chocolate hills are covered with grass and are made up of limestone. During summer or dry season, hills are colored green while at the conclusion of the dry season or summer, the hills turn to color brown.

Nature reveals GOD’s marvelous work of art. From the largest to smallest type of all species, from the vastest to the narrowest of the plains GOD’s greatness and wonderful creations abound.

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All these things are evidences that the existence of this world the entire universe was not caused by the theory they called big bang, but the existence of the world and universe is because of the mighty works of GOD. Thanks and glory be to GOD who the greatest creator of all time!

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