Monthly Archives: February 2011

One Fateful Day

Over the years of my existence here on earth, there are so many things that already happened to my life. Some made me feel sad, frustrated, pain and some almost break me into million pieces. But on the other hand, some of the experience and events that happened to my life made me happy, beautiful, terrified and amazed.  But among all of the experience and events that I had, there is one thing, the only thing that is very remarkable, the very one thing that changed me, made me a better person. And that was the time that I came to know my creator, our GOD Almighty.

Knowing HIM made my life so beautiful and wonderful everyday. HE has shown me HIS light and gave me hope that no matter how hard my life here on earth, there is a better life that is to come and that is the eternal life with HIM in heaven. In there, there will be no sufferings, tears, sadness and fear just everlasting joy and blissful life.

As of now, since I am still on earth, sojourning, preparing for eternal life that will come GOD willing, I know I need to be patient and hopeful that even though things will sometimes be very hard, there is GOD who will help me get through all the problems and obstacles that I will encounter every single day in life.

I feel so lucky that even though I am just a worthless person in this world, HE chose me as one of the candidates to salvation to enjoy the eternal life with HIM in the heavens above.

In every thing, Thanks and glory be to GOD