Daily Archives: May 10, 2010

1st time, 1 time in 1 day

Today, my dad, mom and I came to the polling center to vote, after hours and hours of waiting, my vote has finally been casted.

My mom, dad and I have decided to come to the polling center in the hope that we will be able to finish early. But we were wrong, so wrong when we arrived at the polling center where we are registered, there were many people. Some of them are voters and some of them are just spectators.

My dad was not able to vote because according to the election volunteer, my dad was registered in multiple polling precincts. While my mom on the other hand, did not really had a hard time voting because she is a senior citizen so she got to enjoy the privilege. As of me, before I obtain my number I had to fall in line for so long a time. While I was waiting for my turn to have my number, I have noticed 2 persons who obtained 2 extra numbers for their relatives who have obviously refused to fall in line. The other man who noticed it, told the lady to refrain from getting the extra number for their relative and insisted to make him fall in line. To my surprise, the teacher entertained them and gave them the extra numbers that they asked for. After more than 2 hours of waiting my friend and I have decided to leave the waiting area for a while since for home since we already have our number and agreed to go back around lunch time.

When we went back, we immediately have our turn to vote. Inside the polling precinct, after I have registered, the election volunteer handed me the ballot that was placed inside the secrecy folder. I immediately checked it to see if it is a valid one and if its condition is ok. Luckily, I was able to spot the crumpled part at the upper left hand of it and immediately called the attention of the election volunteer and showed it to her and then of course, I demanded for a replacement. At first, they were hesitant to replace my ballot. Having sensed their hesitation, I became persistent and demanding and then they finally decided to replace my ballot with a new one.

Carefully, I accomplished every field one by one, slowly but surely. Afterwards, the moment of truth has come. It’s time to feed my accomplished ballot to the ever controversial PCOS machine. I was really nervous at that time. I was really hopeful that my ballot will be valid and that my vote will be counted.

After minutes of waiting, I saw the remarks on the screen that says something like; Congratulations, your vote has been counted. With a sigh of relief, I then clapped my hands and thanked the election volunteer who assisted me.

This has been the first time that I voted and I must admit that it was not really a good experience considering the number of inconveniences that I experienced, from the long cue outside and inside the waiting area, the heat that I had to endure and the irritating gesture that people have displayed.

But despite of all of these inconveniences, I also felt glad that I realized that during this crucial time, this fateful event, heroes have emerged. The teachers and the election volunteers who have diligently attended to the voters and ensure that the process will be in order, the youth volunteers who were accommodating and helpful, the security volunteers who are trying their best to maintain peace and order inside and outside the polling precincts. And also to the voters who endured the inconveniences just to exercise their right to suffrage.  

Having all these in mind, I feel that these people generally, have one goal in common and that is to elect leaders of our nation who would be impartial and selfless. Leaders who will cater the interest of all the Filipinos regardless of religion and economic status. Leaders who will create change. Leaders whose governance will promote justice. Leaders who will improve our economy and lives of every Filipino. Leaders who will uphold the morale of every Filipinos not only here in the Philippines but across the globe.

@BroEliSoriano says; May the LORD bless the Philippines!

Then i would say Amen!