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Half filled or full filled?

In the place not so far away, there is a man who owns a big farm. He is the richest man on that place. In His farm, He has many servants who work for him. His peasants are well taken cared of, He provides shelter food and drinks to all of His peasants.

One day, the Lord is beside the well to fill in His servants’ bucket with water while His servants are lined up. One of His peasants came beside Him and asked, My Lord, why is it that you fill others pail half while others full? You know, my servant, I know all of you, I know your weaknesses, your strengths, your abilities and the things that you are capable of doing. There are some of you who can only carry their own bucket with half filled of water while some of you are already able to carry buckets with full filled of water.

 I fill each bucket with water to equip my servants to perform their duty of watering the piece of land that I assigned to them.  

My Lord, what if the water on the bucket of those who you filled their buckets half runs out? Well, it is also the duty of my servants to look after their co-workers. If they have seen anybody who have only less amount of water left on their bucket, and there is more left on theirs, it is their duty to share the water they have to others.  

I have given each of my servant different responsibilities. Those servants that I have filled their buckets full, have given more responsibilities and those that I have filled their buckets half, have given less responsibilities.

 In time, I will be refilling the buckets of those who I have filled half, full when they are ready. When they are ready to carry heavier bucket and handle more responsibilities.  And for those who I filled their buckets full, but only used the water on their buckets in vain I will only be refilling their buckets half so that the water will no longer be wasted.

The servant once again asked, my Lord, what if the water on our bucket runs out? The Lord replied, My servant, never will I leave any one of your buckets empty, that is what I promise. I will always be on the look out and ready to fill your buckets before it runs out of water.

My Lord, the servant said, yes My servant said the Lord, how about mine? will you be filling my bucket half or full? The servant asked, then her Lord smiled at her and said, here my servant, I have filled in your bucket take at look at it and find it out yourself.  Then the servant smiled back and thanked her Lord