Monthly Archives: February 2010

I just remembered…


I just remembered when i was still a little, i dreamt of having a job, a clerical job, or perhaps somebody who works as secretary in a company.

A year before i graduated from college, i dreamt of having a job and to earn 10,000 pesos monthly.

And now that i am old and now working with GOD’s help, GOD gave me a job that is way better than a secretarial post and a monthly income that is uhm… more than i wished for.

I know i did not achieve this myself, but it is the LORD who i love dearly who gave all of these.

I know that i am unworthy to receive HIS grace and loving kindness.

To you my LORD i pay tribute, honor and thanksgiving. Thanks and glory are YOURS my LORD forever and ever.

originally posted on twitter 1.11.10

Thanks be to GOD for all the things even to those that I don’t deserve

In our life, there are things that come and happen beyond our expectations.

Death, enemies, people we love, life, new beginning, fresh start and even love.

For some reason, sometimes we just want to take full control of the situations that involve us. We tend to expect for the worst and best things that can happen, loss and gain, the disadvantage and advantage of anything may bring to us.

In life, there are lots and lots of gray areas, things which are really beyond our control and comprehension. Things that we wish we can eliminate and overcome.

Things that are hard to understand, things that are beyond our capacity to solve and determine.

Yes I am scared really, really scared and weary sometimes but what pacifies my restless mind and weary heart is the promise of GOD that I have came to understand through the teachings of the man that HE sent before us.

No matter how awful things might turn out, what ever things that may happen I know that there is SOMEBODY up above who just let everything to happen no matter how painful and hard it would be for us.

After all, everything happens for the good of those who HE dearly loves. As it is written in the bible in the book of Romans 8:28 it says;

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

With this, for 26 years of everything, I thank YOU my LORD GOD, thank You Lord Jesus for everything that YOU have given me even for the things that I don’t deserve.

Glory and thanks be to GOD